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Which Is a Diagnosis That the Nurse Is Legally Responsible to Report

How does HIPAA affect you as a student nurse? You must comply with HIPAA guidelines from the moment you start providing patient care. Student nurses can be sanctioned or banned from their nursing program if they violate HIPAA. Nurses who violate HIPAA rules may be terminated from their jobs or subject to legal action. The following field lists common types of HIPAA violations and ways to prevent them. A school nurse (RN) is assigned to 3 different primary schools within a district and rotates between schools. Superintendents assign who will be trained as Non-Certified Practical Diabetes Nurses (ACSUs). Directors also assume administrative responsibility for these employees, whether they work within their job descriptions or in the «additional» role of the UDCA. In collaboration with the principals of the 3 schools, the RN school coordinates the education of all UDCA by another nurse with expertise in all aspects of caring for children with diabetes. Nurses who are not aware of these legal issues can face significant consequences. While the impact varies considerably depending on the allegations, nurses may face the following: For example, an LVN with 10 years of experience in home care cannot complete the comprehensive assessment and initiate the care plan for a patient who has been newly admitted to a home care agency employing the LVN. This is excluded both in BON 22 TAC §217.11 and in the home care regulations. Participation in a workshop and/or residency under the supervision of a registered nurse does not qualify LVN as a designated practice in the by-laws or rule as exclusive to the next level of licensing. (18) Protocols – Written authorization delegating authority to undertake medical aspects of patient care, including the delegation of prescribing or ordering a drug or device in institutional practice.

The term protocols is distinct from prescriptive mandate agreements as defined in the Act and in this chapter. However, prescriptive authority agreements may refer to or contain a protocol. Protocols must be agreed upon and signed by the physician, physician assistant and/or advanced practice nurse, reviewed and signed at least annually, kept on site and must include a list of the types or classes of dangerous drugs and controlled substances required by prescription, the number of dosage units permitted and refills. and instructions to the patient for follow-up or a list of types or categories of hazardous drugs and controlled substances that cannot be prescribed. Protocols should be established to encourage the practice of professional judgment by the nurse and physician assistant based on their training and experience. The protocols used by a reasonable and prudent physician exercising informed medical judgment do not have to describe the exact actions that a nurse or physician assistant must take with respect to each specific condition, disease or symptom. Rule 8: The nurse works with other health professionals and the public to protect human rights, promote health diplomacy and reduce health inequalities. Council is concerned about the increasing number of inquiries regarding registered nurses and non-RNCA nurses administering propofol, ketamine or other drugs commonly used for anesthesia to non-intubated patients for the purpose of moderate sedation in a variety of patient care settings.

It is important for any registered nurse who chooses moderate sedation to appreciate the differences between moderate sedation and deep sedation or anesthesia. In the case of an unobserved arrest of a resident without a DNR order in a long-term care facility, the appropriateness of initiating CPR should be determined by the registered nurse through a resident assessment; and interventions to measure results should be initiated. Once the resident`s assessment has been completed and appropriate interventions have been performed, documentation of the circumstances and the resident`s assessment in the medical record are required.