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Who Will Law Make Immortal

Law eliminated Doflamingo and his legacy, and as far as we know, he no longer has a «sea voyage» for him. Therefore, his only remaining purpose (from the character`s point of view) could be to revive Luffy when Luffy dies in Fano, or to give Luffy the motivation to become stronger with his death, etc. I do not insist on the method in which he dies, but I am sure he will die. which would complete his character. Blackbeard might get his hands on the op-op fruit in his last meeting with Law, but will that culminate in the use of his ultimate ability? This will give us a unique opportunity to see the devastating reactions of the Straw Hats to see their captain literally dead with ours, as Luffy came close to death several times but never died. I think it will also give Luffy a form of power-up like «I can`t lose, Law sacrificed himself» because we`ve seen how overwhelming Kaido`s power is compared to Luffy`s right now. An entire event like this would raise the intensity of the Wano arc above the clouds, and Oda himself exaggerated that arc so much. To do this, a number of more difficult questions would first have to be answered. Why would Law want Luffy alive but die? Law says he`s not friends with Luffy. If they haven`t worked together, who knows if Law will even bother to save Luffy. In the past, the law helped him because it needed him in the future. I doubt Luffy ever wants to be immortal.

Do you remember how happy he seemed in Loguetown when Buggy had him on the scaffold? Luffy probably won`t be immortal. OP is not like Naruto, where the main characters get powers out of nowhere. Some time after this arc, however, the powers of Law`s devil fruit awakened, and his strength multiplied several times. As mentioned by Donquijote Doflamingo, awakening is a special stage that only a handful of Devil Fruit users can unlock. However, once it is reached, it completely changes the characteristics of the devil`s fruit, making it much more powerful. In the Wano Country arc, Law`s Ope Ope no Mi woke up because he had a pretty good idea of what he could and couldn`t do in his fight against the Yonko, Big Mom. The greatest power of Ope Ope no Mi is the ability to grant eternal youth to another person through the «Multi-Year Operation of Youth», although the accomplishment of this feat comes at the expense of the life of the current fruit user. To introduce something like that and never use it in the show would be stupid. And I`m sure Oda did it for a rason.

The law will use it in the future and die. So, will he use it at Luffy`s? Trafalgar Law, the current owner of Op-Op Fruit, is one of the most popular characters in the series, so it`s unlikely that at some point in the story he would give his life to perform the operation, simply because it wouldn`t make sense for Oda to get rid of him. But its current situation could lead to the fruit of the op-op falling into the wrong hands. It is the law of real existence, of harmony, which is the essence of all the divine forces which, combined, form the true and unique life. It is the mystery of immortality, man`s ability to live, the principle in which he exists, the basis of eternal being, and finally the resulting community and many of those spiritual forces that science says God is. The operation was Luffy`s only hope in World War I. It would also be a beautiful sacrifice and a great plot twist. In addition, Law would repay his debts to Luffy after rescuing Law in Dressrosa, where he was supposed to die against Doflamingo. From that moment on, he lived on the lifespan given by Luffy, so he would have a reason to do so. I would like to remind you of Chekhov`s weapon concept: «Chekhov`s weapon is a dramatic principle that suggests that the details of a story or play contribute to the overall narrative. This encourages writers not to make false promises in their narrative by including improvised details that ultimately don`t bear fruit in the final act, chapter, or conclusion. «Study the words and life of Jesus and learn through them the truth of Christ.

Follow the example given, this is the only way. Carry the cross, «for his yoke is light, and his burden is light,» but pain, sorrow, and toil will always be your lot. Seek life by killing yourself; Seek the truth by shattering all hope of the apparent reality of what is most real to the mortal spirit; Seek love by turning away from the things that have been loved most. Seek harmony, if necessary by means of insulting and fighting. Fight; Fight, fight unceasingly for peace. Humanity must be felt and realized; This can only happen through the self-denial engendered by the love of kindness. Love brings no pain, truth cannot be deceptive, life does not present sickness, sin or death, but they – God – are only affected by the destruction of their opposites, which are bound within themselves, and last until the self is dead. The strict commandments of the Decalogue do not frighten someone who follows the path of Jesus. The supreme creation He ever produced was the Pharisee, before whom sinners will enter the kingdom of heaven. But in the law which established the truth through Jesus Christ, the law of harmony is expressed in all things; Love others; I don`t know anything like you. The sorrow that must be carried, the wearing of the crown of thorns, is entirely within us.

The bitter cup has been brewed in our own hearts from the sour dregs of «pleasure,» lust, ambition, envy and greed. It cannot pass far from us, for we must take it, and although it is like bile and wormwood, it serves us as a present train of power for our life to come, which we drink only for our own health. Our steadfastness will be sorely tested, for the Self must die a creeping death. We must be ready to face the resistance and ridicule of our fellow human beings and the accusations that are painful to bear, but out of love, for the truth and for life, we will accept buffets and insults. Fidelity is a boast only in moments that are not filled with trials, but how great the glory of strength is when it resists the abuses of people and time. She was not born of this world, which is only her place of probation, and survives her persecutors who exhaust themselves in their struggles to destroy her. «The kingdom of heaven is near,» «in which mind and body are harmonious and immortal,» and we need only pursue this beloved state with all our heart, soul, and strength, and we are part of it. Love with all the sense of love we have; Let us dedicate ourselves to the truth with all our strength and hope, and life will make us live. The reality of this poll is that it is literally just a question. No, it`s not even plausible that the law would make Luffy immortal. As stupid as this investigation may seem, it had to be asked, as stupid as it sounds. We leave nothing to chance.

One of the biggest talking points about Trafalgar`s law is certainly its ability to bear the fruit of the devil. Law was nourished by Ope Ope no Mi at a very young age and this fruit gave him the power to create large spherical ROOMS where everything about him could be controlled, from the field to the people inside. While the basic power of the devil`s fruit is scary enough in itself, it is the awakening of Ope Ope no Mi that makes it much more dangerous. God`s law is not a law of mandate or prohibition; «shall» and «shall not» are outside its scope. The one for whom it exists is not constrained by it, but it is as implacable as it is implacable. Obedience to it is an ideal freedom; The least of his wounds is death. It does not restrict a wish of the one for whom it is made, and yet a bad thought is immediately followed by the worst punishment. He does not speak of punishment for violating a single clause, but on each side, it is by destroying it so that those who live under it make a mistake. What is this law that permits everything, that commands nothing, that forbids nothing, and yet so terrible when the slightest deviation from His command occurs? While Shock Wille looks a lot like Gamma Knife, its application is quite different as Gamma Knife penetrates the body from the outside and ignores defensive barriers, while Shock Wille is released from the inside, making it much more deadly. When Law was used for the second time, he made Big Mom bleed profusely and, more importantly, managed to break his arm and ribs with his powerful shockwave.

Often, Law`s Kikoku is seen in his waist when he takes advantage of his alarm clock, and while this may be confusing, it makes perfect sense since KROOM, like ROOM, grants the power of spatial manipulation. Just as Law can control his ROOM in general, KROOM allows him to enlarge the size of the objects he wears. Chekov`s gun refers to the literary idea that every element contained in a story must be necessary and that all non-essential elements must be removed. The term has since become somewhat distorted and is now more oriented towards premonition. For example, if a gun is shown behind the bar in a movie scene, Chekov`s Gun suggests that the gun will make sense later. The law will not make him 100% immortal. Simply because its fruits do not work that way.