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Windows 10 Bei Ebay Kaufen Legal

But there is another alternative: cheap Windows 10 keys from retailers such as MMOGA, eBay, Amazon and Co. These cost only a fraction of what Microsoft charges directly. From a slim five euros, you`re there – and foreign dealers aren`t the only ones involved in the market. German retailers also sell Hauf keys for Windows 10. We have already asked the question: can this be legal? We want to clarify this in this article. This is an update based on our first article on Windows 10 keys. Here, we briefly summarize what you need to know as an end customer to get Windows 10 safely. A full PC upgrade or a new DIY computer: Buying Windows 10 or Windows 11 is one of them for hardware manufacturers. Prices range online from a few euros to three-digit amounts: for an activation key or a license for Windows 10 Home or Pro. Windows 11 cannot yet be purchased directly in this country – at least from Microsoft.

In general, you have the choice to buy Windows directly from the manufacturer, from retailers such as Amazon, Saturn or Media Markt or from license stores as well as portals such as Ebay or Amazon Marketplace. What needs to be taken into account? Please mention that eBay usually sells license keys for one-time activation. So if you change devices or reinstall the software, you will often have to buy a key again. But how to get a Windows 10 license without being on the verge of illegality? The easiest way is to purchase an official license from Microsoft or a reseller. The cheapest way is with a System Builder license, which costs a good 72 euros for Windows 10 Home and from 125 euros for Windows 10 Pro. Another way is to simply use an older Windows 7 or Windows 8 license that is still available on older computers. Alternatively, you can also buy a defective computer used cheaply – the license is acquired. Due to the different distribution models that Microsoft has chosen for Windows 10, there are also different types of keys. All keys are originals. Although key generators for Windows XP can still be found on the Internet, the keys used today all come directly from Microsoft or an authorized partner. Most licenses are issued by OEMs.

System builders sell licenses with the systems they build, but also directly to their customers. These cost 72 euros for Windows 10 Home and from 125 euros for Windows 10 Pro. Volume licenses and associated keys can only be purchased by companies from Microsoft and its partners. If you want to buy Windows 10 or 11, you have several options. We reveal what`s important for offers from retailers other than Microsoft such as Amazon or Ebay. However, purchasing a Windows 10 license can be quite confusing for customers. Why are the price differences so great? And which dealers are reputable? We are trying to bring some clarity here. Microsoft doesn`t sell Windows 11 directly yet. With its predecessor, however, there is usually a free upgrade for compatible computers. In the US, at least, Microsoft has already started selling Windows 11 Home for $139 and Windows 11 Pro for $199.99 in download. In a judgment of 6 July 2000 (Az.

I ZR 244/97), the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) ruled that dealers in Germany are in principle allowed to sell OEM versions to third parties. This was later confirmed by the CJEU at European level. However, other decisions, such as those of BGH or LG Köln, restrict the fact that this software cannot be advertised as «original» or distributed with certificates of authenticity. The sticking point, however, are the main dealers and a court decision from the year 2000. Resellers almost exclusively offer OEM keys, some even advertise them as such. They are allowed to do so because, depending on the decision, software can also be resold second-hand – contrary to Microsoft`s legal advice. The keys come from different sources. On the one hand, they come from companies that use volume licensing. Along with their hardware, they also buy many OEM licenses that are simply not necessary. Another way is via older OEM PCs, which are also equipped with a license in most cases. Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 can also be upgraded to Windows 10. Companies sell these PCs in abundance every year.

Behind closed doors, however, some key dealers have already confirmed to us in 2019 that many of these keys also come from the OEMs themselves. Another variant in question is volume licensing. This mechanism is now also used by key resellers. In most cases, they do not sell a license, but only the key. Some openly admit this and write in small print that the buyer must already be in possession of a license. Others do not point it out, but avoid the word «license» in their descriptions and texts. This is where a certain grey area begins. With the keys, buyers can activate their Windows 10 installation, but do not hold a license from Microsoft in their hands. The dealers themselves should issue them on request and also prove that the operating system is not installed on any other computer. However, they often can`t do this because a key is sold multiple times to different customers.

Activation still works for the end customer – but it`s not legal. Free, sam it`s not legal! That`s a fact! You can get Win10 for free only by upgrading from 7 or 8.1! Otherwise, you MUST buy a legal version, even if it`s only for €5. And the finished set versions of the game 100% «guests» on board. According to the saying «Where there is no plaintiff, there is no judge», you can also buy a Windows 10 key from key resellers such as MMOGA.